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DZgameEngine Project Update

Created new repository DZgameEngine in GitHub: I will start pushing to it the code I have already written. The repository is public and contributors will be welcome, once a sufficient code base will be uploaded. Stay tuned for updates.

Project DZgameEngine: The Directory Tree

The first thing to keep into account to decide how the directory tree needs to be structured is the kind of information that has to go in there. In this case, I will need to provide a container for source and header files for the engine, all written in C++. In addition to that, I […]

Project DZgameEngine

I’m working since a while to perfect an idea of mine, just some work done in spare time, nonetheless the dream of my lifetime, about a modular game engine that can be used for both 2D and 3D games.

The engine is completely object oriented, it is written in C++, and it is platform independent. […]