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DZgameEngine Project Update: More Classes Added To The Project

This is the list of classes I added so far:

Data Handling Classes, listed in the previous post. DZengine DZinputHandler DZjoystick DZkeyboard DZlayer DZlevel DZmouse DZobject DZparams DZstate DZstateMachine DZtextureManager DZxmlParser

All the code is available on GitHub. I also plan to write some documentation to those classes, which I will put in this blog.


DZgameEngine Project Update: Template Classes For Data Handling

Just pushed 9 new template classes for data management to the DZgameEngine repository on Github:

DZarray mono-dimentional array DZarray2D bi-dimensional array DZarray3D tri-dimensional array DZbitmap bit map DZlist single linked list DZdlist double linked list DZhash hash table DZqueue queue DZstack stack



Games data handling

There is a number of data structure types that are useful within games: arrays, hash tables, vectors, linked lists, and so forth. And there are also a lot of publicly available implementations of such classes, first of all the Standard Template Library, for those who code in C++.

However, most of these libraries are designed […]