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Using the Raspberry Pi as a Server for the Home Network – Part 1

I recently acquired a Raspberry PI 2B (the latest model) to play with it and see if there was any real use besides learning and experimenting. In fact, in the past, I read some good articles on possible applications on the LJ magazine, not to mention the various projects that one can find on the WEB.

RPi2BNeedless to say, I ended up finding the RPi a very capable piece of technology. Although it doesn’t have the computing power to do some heavy lifting, it is still a very good system that can be successfully used for several non-demanding applications, to the point that I decided to use it for most of the servers in my home network. Applications like DNS, WEB, Proxy and DLNA servers work very well with a Raspberry Pi 2B in a home environment, where the only users are the family members. In addition, the RPi uses very little electric energy and switching to one or two of these little devices from a power hungry 4-core I7 system (the one I used for the home network necessities) provides a lot of savings on the electric bill.

In the next several weeks I will present some articles to describe what I did in my home network. I hope you will find them very interesting. Also, if you have also played with the RPi and used it for some other projects, I would like to hear from you about that and, maybe, we could co-write an article together on that topic.

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