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How to Configure a Raspberry Pi as a DNS Server for the Home Network

This article is the continuation of the series “Using the Raspberry Pi as a Server for the Home Network” and describes a quick procedure to install and configure a DNS server on the RPi.

Remember that for best results you should first install the RPi server as described in my previous articles. This achieves the […]

A DNS Server for the Home Network

What is a DNS server and why would someone use it in a home network?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It is a server capable of translating the name of a computer or a WEB site (the URL) with its corresponding numeric IP address, which is the equivalent of the phone number of a […]

Using the Raspberry Pi as a Server for the Home Network – Part 3

Let’s dig right away into the procedure for installing Raspbian on the RPi. I will go very quickly on the general details, as they are very well explained in several other sites. In order to execute the procedure, you will need another computer that you will be using to prepare the SD card and to […]