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Games data handling

There is a number of data structure types that are useful within games: arrays, hash tables, vectors, linked lists, and so forth. And there are also a lot of publicly available implementations of such classes, first of all the Standard Template Library, for those who code in C++.

However, most of these libraries are designed […]

DZgameEngine Project Update

Added the first class definition to the project on GitHub: DZlogger.

DZlogger is a class that provides to the application the capability of writing to a log file. There are several log levels that can be used. It is possible to have logs to trace the flow of the application, and others to print debug […]

Project DZgameEngine: The Directory Tree

The first thing to keep into account to decide how the directory tree needs to be structured is the kind of information that has to go in there. In this case, I will need to provide a container for source and header files for the engine, all written in C++. In addition to that, I […]