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DZgameEngine Project Update

Added the first class definition to the project on GitHub: DZlogger.

DZlogger is a class that provides to the application the capability of writing to a log file. There are several log levels that can be used. It is possible to have logs to trace the flow of the application, and others to print debug information. These two log types are especially useful during the development of an application based on DZgameEngine. Other logs provide warning information in case of runtime errors, and others provide more general information. The DZlogger class can potentially be extracted from the DZgameEngine package and used also in other applications.

I also added a copy of the tinyxml library, which will be used to read the application configuration information from an XML file. The tinyxml library is another project available on GitHub.

Feel free to take a look and send me your comments, especially on the DZlogger class, which still needs some improvement. The link on the right side will take you directly to the GitHub repository.

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