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Games data handling

There is a number of data structure types that are useful within games: arrays, hash tables, vectors, linked lists, and so forth. And there are also a lot of publicly available implementations of such classes, first of all the Standard Template Library, for those who code in C++.

However, most of these libraries are designed […]

DZgameEngine Project Update

Added the first class definition to the project on GitHub: DZlogger.

DZlogger is a class that provides to the application the capability of writing to a log file. There are several log levels that can be used. It is possible to have logs to trace the flow of the application, and others to print debug […]

DZgameEngine Project Update

Created new repository DZgameEngine in GitHub: I will start pushing to it the code I have already written. The repository is public and contributors will be welcome, once a sufficient code base will be uploaded. Stay tuned for updates.